Episode 6 – Build It In Your Mind (The Importance Of Beating A Job On Paper Before You Put Your Tools On)

In this episode I talk about the importance of always keeping extra materials on you and building a job in your mind so you’re not wasting time driving back and forth to Home Depot or a nearby supply house.

Having to leave a job and spend an hour driving around hunting down materials means you didn’t plan well, and it can cost you big time when it comes to finishing jobs under hours as well as ensuring you can get on to the next job without running late.

Some of the best electricians I’ve ever seen have been guys that take time before a job to investigate every move and identify every problem they may run into before they even line their guys out on a task for the day. I’ve been told by the best “if you can beat a job with a pencil, you can beat every company in town.”

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