This Week In Review – 7/29/17

Last week we spent a few days doing a custom lighting job for Hat Creek Burgers in Lakeway, TX.  When we arrived they had already concreted in and installed poles around a playground.  They wanted us to get power to each of the poles and fabricate attaching goose-neck sconces to the poles to light up the playground.

We got there at 5:30am so we could try to get the drive-through done before customers came around.  We also wanted to plug the lights in to an extension cord and lift them up so we could see what kind of light they shed over the area.  We picked 15ft for our height and began drilling holes in the tops and bottoms of the poles to fish wire through.  We welded collars on the poles to mount the fixtures to then welded 4″ x 4″ junction boxes to the bottoms of the poles. After everything was welded up we began installing flexible conduit on the fence and between each fixture.  Once all of the poles were wired together we terminated everything and hooked them into an existing light fixture.

To do all of this work required that we blocked off the playground for a day.  Unfortunately the kiddos were not able to continue playing on the playground with all the tools and materials we had laying out.  We ended up taping off the area so nobody could get in.  All said and done however, the poles look amazing.  Now they just need to be painted so the silver poles match the black fixtures.

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