Episode 29 – Real Talk (Part 2 of 2) – WHAT’S YOUR WHY?

Since my camera died making the last REAL TALK video, I recorded a second video to finish it off. This is Part 2 of “Real Talk” where I talk about making sure you know your “why.”

The “WHY” we do what we do every day is an extremely important question to answer. If we lose WHAT, we still have a WHY waiting for us somewhere. Some of us have kids, some have wives, some have goals to get to a certain place for a certain reason. Don’t work so hard for so long chasing all this money all the while forgetting WHY you’re working so hard to begin with.

I’ve noticed that lately all of my decisions and actions have been driven by goals and pattern.  I’ve gotten sucked in to chasing money and trying to hit milestones that I’ve lost the “why” that I originally established for my company and my life.  It’s easy to get trapped in that mindset when all you’re trying to do is keep everything above water but eventually you will drown.  As a journeyman electrician I was making far more money than I am as a young master electrician.  I know that I will get there, and it may take a few years because I’m building a company.  I just need to remember that the first year needs to be a training year for everyone.  We need to build a strong foundation before needing to think about profit margins and growth.  This is our year to fuck up and learn from our mistakes.

That being said I’ve realized that I’m needed at full capacity everyday while working.  I’ve been so worried about filming and documenting everything we’ve been doing that the workmanship of everyone in the company has been faltering and that needs to be saved.  If the documenting of my company is a higher priority than the actual work we do…I’ve got shit backwards.  I need to slow down on my creation of content and just focus on training my guys and doing good work everyday.  The rest will come in due time.

On another note, I want you all to think about something.  Really let this sink in.  You have to still enjoy life. Don’t allow yourself to get to be 80 years old and regret working so hard. There’s more to life than chasing money and working 70 hours a week.  We often think we’ve got to get to this “GOAL” right now!  But my dudes and dudettes……have patience.  The best things in life take many years to create.  Relationships, perspectives, wine, careers, skills…don’t get trapped thinking that you have to make things happen RIGHT NOW.

And along the way….don’t forget your why…

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