Holy hell, working for two weeks in a suburban has almost driven me to my wit’s end.  Not only did the new car smell bother me, but not having all of my toolboxes, my ladder rack, and my cacophony of materials drove me to drink.  Well not really, I’m not a drinker…but I did want to kill a man.

The truck came back with pretty much a new front-end.  New headlight, bumper, grill, quarter-panel, and new paint!  Now I don’t have to be embarrassed to pull up to a job with the passenger-side facing the building.

I can’t tell you how many customers were wierded-out that I was driving a suburban and pulling tools and ladders out of it.  I must have looked small-time, but I explained the deal to each of them.  I was hit by a very zealous sand shark swimming down I-35.  Ok more like I was an idiot and wasn’t paying attention…down I-35.

The 2017 suburban was the tits, but between the brand new interior I was afraid to scratch up, the no-smoking stickers on the dash, and the incessant problem with the Ford Sync system (Bluetooth not syncing some days)…I was glad to see her go!





My NERDY Joy Upon Getting My Baby Back

Hey Fam!  This is a new Facebook Group that I started awhile back.  Electrical Wizardry is a little different from the average Electrican Facebook group in that it’s more focused on teaching and learning, rather than people just hating on each others’ work.  Its a group of Electricians, from Apprentice, to Residential Wireman, Journeyman, Master, to Instructors.  We need more people asking questions, chiming in with answers, and just participating to better the community.  Seriously, there’s some good guys here!  (Not affiliated with Journey 2 Master)

I wanted to form a group of “good” guys that really have a heart of a teacher and the mind of a student.  People that believe in building each other up rather than tearing each other down.  If you are, or know anybody else who fits this description…PLEASE JOIN and TELL THEM TO JOIN!  We need some quality teachers and quality students.

Click below to JOIN the Electrical Wizardry Facebook page:


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