Episode 16 – What Separates A Good Electrician From A Bad Electrician?


What separates the quality from the riff-raff? In this episode I give my OPINION about what it takes to be a good electrician from watching the guys who came before me.

Being good at anything requires constant study, dedication, commitment , and pushing yourself beyond your old boundaries. Being a good electrician is the same. With the exception of who you apprentice under, you can control how good or bad of an electrician you are. You know what I’m talking about, you see other guys around you doing shitty hack work or other guys doing outstanding neat work and wonder…”who should I be copying?”

As a rule of thumb I try to always remember the phrase “IMPRESS YOURSELF.” When nobody but you is looking, are you impressed with the work that you do? Do you cut a lot of corners and get that crap feeling in your stomach like “I hope nobody comes up here and sees this after I leave.” Or do you stand proud and think “this is some of my best work to date”

You are in control of how good (or bad) you become. I suggest reading everything you can get your hands on: books, magazines, textbooks, facebook groups, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, instagram followers, youtube channels, consume ALL of it. Keep your self inundated with what you’re passionate about and it will be less difficult to stay focused on it.

Also…love what you do, it makes being good at it way easier!

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Episode 10 – Be An Electrician!

In this episode I talk about why becoming an electrician is one of the best moves most a person can make toward getting their shit together.

Are you in need of a job change and have no clue what the hell you want to do? BE AN ELECTRICIAN! Seriously, hear me out.

Being an electrician may not seem as glorifying as your average manicured desk job. Your fingernails will not stay clean, no amount of hair gel can keep your mop in place, and you will be risking your life on a daily basis…….BUT, I swear it’s the one job that finally changed my life.

Without needing a degree, or having any relevant experience I was hired as an electrical Apprentice. I started out working in a residential construction environment, wiring multi-million dollar homes. It was cool seeing how the “other side” lives, and after a little while I got good at doing it. A year in I was working on commercial jobs, and seeing how businesses and large buildings were constructed. This was a lot dirtier, exhausting work but I was intrigued at how much more advanced it seemed than just wiring a house.

After a year of doing this I really started to understand that electricity is not this “bolt” thing. It’s a very hypothetical science that we try to understand and harness, but there’s still no law of electrons because we’ve never seen one. Seeing the science and math behind behind this super powerful force made me instantly fall in love with it. The fact that it’s hard to understand and takes years of study before you grasp the full picture makes it a perfect career choice for anyone out there looking for a change.

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Episode 9 – When To Start Hiring Your First Electricians/Helpers

This episode dives into HIRING.  When I chose to hire and why, as well as what dollar figures I had as a target before I made the jump to hire.

Hiring is perhaps the scariest part I’ve come across as a small business owner.  As a new electrical contractor I always thought there was some secret formula, or a “quant” figure that would show the math behind when I should hire.  After doing this awhile I realized that’s not always the case.

I knew what the dollars looked like, rather what I thought they SHOULD look like, before hiring a full time employee.  I had my mind set on $10,000 in the bank.  In comes Colten.  I decided to hire Colten once I saw that 10,000 in the bank but boy was it a rough time up until that point.  Working on your own, by yourself, in this trade is a very difficult thing to sustain.  When I started out I very quickly became far busier than I thought I would be, so I knew I needed help fast.  So for the first hire I just made the leap when the money looked good and the timing felt right.

For me the $10,000 figure worked out.  It wasn’t based off of a set time/expendature ratio or anything smart.  $10k just seemed like a responsible amount to have laying around in the event of an emergency.  My goal is to have $15,000 in the bank and hire a green helper soon.  This way my 3rd year helper can start training someone which will in turn skyrocket his own knowledge.  (Actually I already did this after the time of this recording – if you want to hear that listen to Episode 8 or watch it on YouTube by clicking here: Episode 8 – MID MAY UPDATE (Rentals, Facebook Ads, Organization, and Hiring)

My next goal is to have 6 months of all expenses saved up (including a Journeyman’s Wages for that 6 months) before hiring on a full time Journeyman Electrician.  Hopefully this will happen around the first of 2018.  This way I’ve got a good established crew with nearly a year together, so it will be a good transition into having a journeyman that can help lead the team.

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Episode 4 – Why I Chose To Be An Electrician


Being an electrician was not my first pick of things to do with my life.  After flying planes, working construction, being a chef, working in restaurants, being in the Marines, working in factories, and being a corporate salesman I was given the opportunity to try my hand as an electrician.

At first I didn’t like it.  I didn’t want my friends to know I was working with my hands.  I figured they would look down on me for being in construction.  This is back when I gave a shit about what they thought.  After a few years however I started making real money, and working around some guys that changed my perception of reality.  I grew up, learned a skill, and found stability in my life because I found a purpose.  I was able to raise my son as a single father and found something that would lay the foundation for a great life, as well as maintain my drive and passion to learn.

I’ve always had to hustle.  Being a single dad at the age of 18 is never easy, and between the government taking a quarter of your income and child support taking another quarter, you’re not left with much regardless what your wage is.  And as an early 20-something, I wasn’t spending the remaining 50% of my money well.  In the midst of being broke and nearly homeless, having a suspended license, and needing to get my kid to school and get to work, I had multiple run-ins with the law with no money to get myself out of the hole.  Since I’ve been of working age I’ve always had to hold down at least 2 jobs, sometimes 3.  Its the only way I could put food on the table since graduating high school.  I made my own bed (of course), and I realized that taking this craft seriously was the only way I could pull myself out of it.

Now I’m 32 and after years of working around wise men, and learning to be really good at something that changes constantly forced me to focus my attention and set goals for myself.  I was able to see a light at the end of the tunnel and found a way to climb out of the struggle.  Now I have a commercial driver’s license, own a home, am married, and have financial freedom that I’d never known existed.

Doing this everyday has given me a way of living and a way of thinking that has changed everything in my life.  Now I own a company and have the freedom to make my own way in this crazy life.




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