Episode 9 – When To Start Hiring Your First Electricians/Helpers

This episode dives into HIRING.  When I chose to hire and why, as well as what dollar figures I had as a target before I made the jump to hire.

Hiring is perhaps the scariest part I’ve come across as a small business owner.  As a new electrical contractor I always thought there was some secret formula, or a “quant” figure that would show the math behind when I should hire.  After doing this awhile I realized that’s not always the case.

I knew what the dollars looked like, rather what I thought they SHOULD look like, before hiring a full time employee.  I had my mind set on $10,000 in the bank.  In comes Colten.  I decided to hire Colten once I saw that 10,000 in the bank but boy was it a rough time up until that point.  Working on your own, by yourself, in this trade is a very difficult thing to sustain.  When I started out I very quickly became far busier than I thought I would be, so I knew I needed help fast.  So for the first hire I just made the leap when the money looked good and the timing felt right.

For me the $10,000 figure worked out.  It wasn’t based off of a set time/expendature ratio or anything smart.  $10k just seemed like a responsible amount to have laying around in the event of an emergency.  My goal is to have $15,000 in the bank and hire a green helper soon.  This way my 3rd year helper can start training someone which will in turn skyrocket his own knowledge.  (Actually I already did this after the time of this recording – if you want to hear that listen to Episode 8 or watch it on YouTube by clicking here: Episode 8 – MID MAY UPDATE (Rentals, Facebook Ads, Organization, and Hiring)

My next goal is to have 6 months of all expenses saved up (including a Journeyman’s Wages for that 6 months) before hiring on a full time Journeyman Electrician.  Hopefully this will happen around the first of 2018.  This way I’ve got a good established crew with nearly a year together, so it will be a good transition into having a journeyman that can help lead the team.

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Episode 2 – Where We’re Headed (Goals)


In this video I talk about my plans for where I’d like to be over the next decade. I’d like LiveWire Electrical to be a company that’s known for the quality of work we do, as well as the quality of relationships we nurture.

Customer service is a big deal, as well as treating your employees right. I don’t want a company that has a high turnover rate, but one where electricians come to be better electricians. I want to build a legacy as one of the best companies around, and would like education and humility to be the thing that ushers that in.

My belief is that I can train anyone to be an electrician, but that you can’t train good into a bad person. I want to take my time and vet out a group of outstanding men and women to lay a firm foundation for the framework of the company I have planned.

I’m here to teach and be taught. I’m documenting my journey from becoming a Master Electrician to growing an electrical contracting company from scratch.

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