Episode 21 – Josh Talks Martial Arts, Parenting, & Old People

Welcome to another “Josh Talks” episode, where I pick my 12 year old son’s brain about a topic of the day.  In this episode Josh talks about why he loves being in martial arts, and what type of weapon training he enjoys most.  We also delve in to parenting, “play-dates”, and old people.

This video was actually an hour long, but it started going off the rails in to politics, religion, aliens, and human reality simulation. I figured I’d keep it simple this week and do something more concise in another video.

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Episode 11 – Josh Talks About Cells

In this episode I introduce my son Josh, and he talks about viewing the cells of a butterfly wing through a microscope in school. He also gets into how viruses work, and why they do what they do.

Josh is 12 years old and is finishing up 6th grade. He’s always been a very science-minded intellectual kid and takes interest in doing thought experiments on things like “what is reality, consciousness, is there a god, is the universe chaos or design, the existence of souls or not,” etc. It gets pretty deep down the rabbit hole pretty quickly with this kid lol.

We’ve always believed in allowing him free-speech to express himself. We treat him like an adult that just has less years of experience with the controller we’re all riding around in.

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