Episode 19 – WE CRUSHED IT!!! (We Got Fired Part 3 of 3)

We totally crushed it guys!!!  We were given the chance to go back and do the work, and I have to say we showed up in a way that impressed all of us.

We showed up about 15 minutes early and sat and had a meeting about how to handle this job, what to say/not say to the customer, and how to act considering the situation.  I rang the doorbell at exactly 9:00 and met with the husband.  I had a smile on my face the entire time, and shook his hand firmly and maintained eye-contact to show him I was engaged.  Dealing with customers is one of my strongest suits.  I’m a people-person, I can feel peoples’ energies and I can read people very well.  I wanted him to be reasured that the Master Electrician was onsite now, and everything would go smooth.

We walked the house and he showed me everything that he wanted done, including a few “extras” that he’d like taken care of.  I assured him that everything would be done that he needed done and that there was no schedule we were adhering to.

After we got to work, the homeowner walked around from room to room watching us intently.  There were very few times that we were not being watched, which is fine.  We know what we’re doing, so watching us is never a problem.  I took this as an opportunity rather than a pain.  I started asking him where he worked, where he was from, where they were thinking of moving (they were doing this work to sell their house), and got him laughing.  I answered any questions he had, and did the work in the exact order he asked me to do it in.  He had dogs that needed to be ushered around depending on where we were working.  By the end of it, we had made him laugh and had talked about our lives so much that he knew a lot about us…enough that he let down his guard and realized we’re all really good dudes that just had a bad day on the first visit.

He offered to send us a care package because, funny enough, he works for a company that makes electrical tape, wirenuts, connectors, etc.  Once we finished up we thouroughly cleaned up and took the trash with us.  The wife came up to me with a checkbook and offered to pay us.  I told her “no way, I told you it would be free so it’s free” but she demanded that since we really showed up and did a stellar job that she’d like to give us something.  She proposed that we split the cost evenly.  She said figure out what you would have charged me and we can split it.  After refuting it, I finally caved and told her $400 is half (less than half, but I wanted to give her more than she was giving me) so she agreed and wrote us a check for $400!

Totally a win man…I’m soooo glad that we pulled that out, and I’m glad that we handled it exactly how we did.  I am truly glad that this happened the way it did.  We needed something to keep us grounded and show us our weak spots.  We learned a valuable lesson that we will never forget on this one, and I think it will only make us a better/stronger company going forward.


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Episode 18 – WE WERE REHIRED!!! (We Got Fired Part 2 of 3)

WE WERE REHIRED!!!  I got a call-back from that customer that fired us and she thought it was extremely reasonable to give us a shot after offering to do all of the work for free.  I don’t think there are many companies out there that would have even offered this as an option.

I had the chance to talk to her for about 30 minutes and we talked through everything.  I apologized heavily for dropping the ball on this job, and guaranteed that I would be there personally to do the work, and that I’d have the same two guys there with me so we could push through this together as a learning lesson.  I told her that what happened on the first visit was not common for us, and that she’d be very happy with us if we were allowed to show up like we normally do.  All for free!

She accepted the offer, and I told her to name a time and place and we’d be there.  She asked if we could do it at 9:00 am Sunday, and I said we’ll be there.

Well…here’s hoping that this makes an impact!

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Episode 14 – Getting Good Reviews Online

This episode talks about the  importance of getting good reviews from people, and how word of mouth spreads like wildfire online.  Negative reviews are far louder than positive so be sure to get as many positives on your side as you can in the event you get a bad one.

In today’s world, everything is social and everyone is connected digitally.  It’s not very difficult to click 2 stars, or throw together a passionate review about that fish taco you just scarfed down.  Also on the other end of the sites you’re on there are people counting the stars and reading the reviews.  Word of mouth has become global, and you can’t hide your crazy anymore.

Word of mouth has always been seen as the best way to grow a business.  It was a lot slower and the gap was smaller for who could reach out and effect a business back in the day.  With all these apps, social media sites, review sites, forums, groups, etc…it has become so much easier for people to give their 2 cents about you, and even easier for others to tune in and listen.

I try to make sure that I interact with people in a memorable way.  I want my customers to know that I actually do care about them and that I’m not just there to take their money.  I’m trying to build long-term legacy rather than short-term dollars.  People can read you, and they can tell when you’re greedy and they can tell when you care.  Yes you want good reviews, but more importantly you want good relationships with people.  That is the determining factor in the success of the modern small business.

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